It is important to gain approval from the study abroad office and/or academic department of your home campus to ensure the credits you earn while studying with the Oxford Study Centre will transfer toward the degree from your home university. The number of credits you earn is entirely at the discretion of your home university, though most students receive upwards of 18 American credit hours for Michalemas and Hilary Terms, and 9 credits for the Summer Term.

Upon completion of the term, students will be issued a transcript from the Oxford Study Abroad Programme detailing your completed courses and associated grades. This, in combination with a tutorial report (prepared by your Oxford tutors) is, in the vast majority of cases, sufficient evidence for your home university to award credit. To date, OSAP has relationships with over 600 U.S. universities in this regard.

If your home university requires a transcript from an accredited North American institution of higher education, this may be available through OSAP's American school of Record. Students must notify OSAP in advance of coming to Oxford and request this U.S. transcript.

curriculum: credits and transfer

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