Living in England for nearly four months provides many cross-cultural experiences, though without the burden of navigating a foreign language. Oxford is truly a multicultural city. With many families and even more students arriving from numerous countries and cultures around the world, there are abundant chances to learn from and relate to others unfamiliar with Western values or Christian convictions.

There also are several vibrant evangelical churches in Oxford, presenting wonderful opportunities to worship with Christian siblings from around the world. However, England rightly is seen as a post-Christian culture. The cultural tensions increasingly pronounced in the United States are much more seasoned and rooted in England. As such, what often is taken for granted in the U.S. is not seen as reasonable in the U.K. This provides rich opportunities both to understand how others perceive Christians, as well as occasions to embody, exhibit, express, and explain one’s convictions.

Come and enjoy the local sites, sounds and stories that Oxford offers. Seasonal events punctuate the calendar while local attractions invite regular outings. This is the land of white witches and rings of power, of faith and disbelief, of religious and political strife, and of peaceable landscapes. During the term, in coordination with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme, several cultural excursions are offered. These have included outings to such destinations as Bath, Cambridge, Chatsworth House, Portsmouth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Stonehenge, and Warwick Castle.

Between the Oxford Study Centre worldview course and the Oxford tutorials, students typically have one week for travel. Usually students find cheap flights and ferries to Ireland or the Continent, to Scotland or to the Lake District. Just imagine the possible destinations.

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