summer term


The Summer Term differs from the other terms in several respects. Food costs may be halved but travel expenses are likely to be equal or perhaps greater (due to the time of travel). The following table summarizes the structural differences.

Length of Housing

Credit Hours

Number of Tutorials


Michaelmas or Hilary Term

15 Weeks

18 Maximum

1 Primary & 1 Secondary


College Membership

Common Room

Dining Hall

Clubs & Societies



Summer Term

8 Weeks

9 Maximum

1 Primary


College Membership

Common Room

No Dining Hall

No Clubs & Societies



The Summer Term presents several advantages:

  • It is less expensive than a full term.

  • It requires less of a time commitment.

  • It provides access to the various Oxford libraries.

  • It provides 70% of the worldview training with Kevin James Bywater.

  • It is at a time of the year more accessible to students who otherwise have curricular calendars that disallow them from participating during the school year.

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